Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hiking in the hills

Tate, Cashus and I went hiking in the hills around Yuma for about 2 hours to give Sachiyo a break. We had a good time and the kids got worn out but Tate only slowed down for one picture. I think Sachiyo enjoyed the time off more than anyone else.

Tate's Christmas Party

Just like his Dad did, Tate has a new girl following him at every turn. (OK, no sarcastic comments please...)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

She's not crazy....she's pregnant

One of our "Winter Visitors" (read Snowbird) stopped me at Church last week to ask about Sachiyo. He had been sitting behind us in Sacrament meeting and had seen and heard Sachiyo as she leaned on the bench in front of us and groaned as she moved from side to side searching unsuccessfully for a comfortable position.

He looked at me with a very concerned expression and asked, "Is your wife OK?"

"Yes" I told him. "As OK as you get when you are 34 weeks pregnant with twins."

He looked relieved and said, "Oh good, I thought she might have some sort of emotional or mental problem from the way she was acting in the meeting."

You just gotta love old tact whatsoever...

So just to clear up any confusion, Sachiyo is not mental, she's pregnant.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Some pictures from the Christmas Party

Well, my work Christmas party was today. Tate and I went and had a good time. There was games and cookies and presents from Santa. Tate really enjoyed the games. He has got a good arm on him. He really liked the game where you had to throw the football through the hole. The three step drop the hole. (Tate got it in the hole about 8 times, I think I got it in there once.) Tate focused on the top hole and he was doing really well until he got distracted by Santa's arrival.

This one's for Amie

A picture of the "baby bump" for Amie