Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just in case you forgot the girls...

After all the attention shifting to Tate the last few weeks, the girls thought they would be especially cute tonight and try to get some more publicity...

Hana on left, Sion on right (both pictures)

Birthday party report: From Tate

I just wanted to give everyone an update of my party. I had a lot of fun and a lot of my friends came. Here's what happened...

First, I got my gifts from Uncle Ted.

Thanks for the lacrosse gear and the blanket, Uncle Ted. The blanket's on my bed and dad finally took me out to play lacrosse. Cashus likes it, too. I can use the lacrosse sticks to pick up Cashus' ball and throw it without getting slobber all over my hands.

Dad told me that if I didn't mow the lawn, I couldn't have a party......

My friend, Mr. Sean had his buddies from the Yuma Fire Department stop by for my birthday. I got to climb around on the truck and play with the gear. It was a lot of fun. Thanks YFD!

Dad rented an inflatable waterslide for the backyard. It was awesome. I think I might be the only four-year old who had to kick the teenagers out of his party after three hours. My mom LOVES the remote control tarantula that the Rodgersons got for me....Cashus hates it. It's awesome!

"Can I be five tomorrow? I want to have another party." (Actual quote from Tate)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tate's Birthday

Well, Tate turned four on the 12th. His "party" is next week but we had cake (from our home teachers) and presents on his birthday. Thank you Grandpa for the Red Ryder BB gun. Mom and dad got him some Lego's.

Sion (pink) and Hana (green) had a good time at the party, too. We just couldn't get them to smile at the same time. We even tried the "one good one for your mother" line, too. It didn't work.

On Saturday, we went to see UP, in 3-D. Tate had already seen it, thanks to his great babysitters, but Sachiyo and I needed an excuse to go see it. It was a great movie. If you haven't seen it, GO. The parts about traveling with kids and the talking dogs had Sachiyo and I laughing hysterically, even if Tate didn't get it.

Then we went to the lake to let Tate and Cashus swim. Tate is doing really well in the water. He didn't want any help. He just wanted to kick around with his water noodle. Cashus was also having a great time in the water, chasing his tennis ball.

Cashus was really tired by the end of the day, and we had to pull Tate out of the water before he got hypothermic.

Tate woke up early on Sunday and finished his Lego car. All in all, it was a good birthday weekend. We'll update on the party next week.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lots of catching up to do

Sachiyo's computer got a nasty virus so we've been down to one computer and I haven't been able to get the pictures downloaded for a while so the next few posts are my attempt to catch up. Here is the low down on the last few months.

Dan got his night SAR pilot certification. Still working as the Ward Mission Leader.

Sachiyo started a Master's Tax class for her accounting. She must have been bored with all that free time. She also got called to be the Young Women's secretary.

Dan and Sachiyo celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary.

A trip to Sea World and the Zoo.

Sion and Hana have both learned to roll over both ways and started inching around.

Lots of wet and dirty diapers.

Tate finished pre-school (We immediatly found a babysitter to help Sachiyo a couple times a week).

We've purchased Mother's Day gifts for both mothers that are still sitting in our house.

Dan and Tate went on a Fathers and Sons campout.

A lot of swimming for Tate.

and a lot of other things I am sure that I am forgetting.

Enough of the typing, here are the pictures.

Sion and Hana at the Hotel in San Diego

Tate holding a sea star (no longer allowed to call them starfish...they aren't fish) at Sea World

Tate playing in the Sesame Street play area at Sea World

Tate and Dad in the 'Spin and Puke' at Sea World

Tate beat dad at the Shamu game so he got the Shamu

Sion (white/yellow....the clothes) and Hana looking cute

Tate's drawing of his sisters (I don't know which is which...take your pick)

Hana being independent

You can't fall asleep on the floor when your kids know how to crawl

Hana will never live this down...I'm sure her future love interests will enjoy this picture

The girls....plotting (Sion on left, Hana on right)

I am really hoping it is a camera trick and that she really didn't inherit Grandpa's eyebrows...please!

Sometimes the kids just have to make due. (Hana)

Sion's favorite position, on her side. It lets her see everything.