Sunday, June 27, 2010

Another Update

I've been told that we haven't been too forthcoming with our plans for the next few years, so I thought that I would update you on what is going on.

Sachiyo and I have decided to stay here in Yuma for another year. This was due to a combination of reasons. One, Sachiyo will be giving birth in August (if the kid waits that long) and was not reassured by me telling her that I was sure we could find a vet somewhere in the middle of Kansas or Missouri, if she went into labor during the week-long trip. Now we will be able to have the baby here in Yuma close to friends and family, with a support network already in place. This has lowered our stress level about this considerably. The thought of dropping Sachiyo off by herself in the hospital in Ann Arbor to give birth when we had no one to watch the kids was a little scary.

The doctor has assured us that the baby is a girl and Sachiyo has a planned C-section date of 20 August (if the baby can hold on that long). We don't really need ANY clothes or toys. We have accumulated a ton of things over the years. If you feel you must send something (and it is not at all necessary), gift cards to walmart/target/Sam's Club for diapers would be great.

The Second reason that we are staying is that I have learned that I can get a waiver to apply for a Marine Corps Program to go to law school (unfunded) and come back in the Marine Corps, as a JAG, when I am done with school. While I am in school, I will pay tuition with my GI Bill and will work for (and get paid by) the Marine Corps during the summers. I would continue accruing "time in grade" while going to school and would finish 15 years active service, by the time my commitment would be up. One of the nicest things would be that I will keep our insurance during school.

I will not find out whether or not I have been selected for the program until March of 2011. I'll let you know when I know.

Either way, the family will be moving to Ann Arbor, MI in May of 2011 and I will be attending the University of Michigan. I will be starting the summer semester around June 1st, 2011.

Tate will be starting kindergarten here in a few months and is very excited about it. He and his sisters are enjoying swimming anytime they can get to the pool.

I have been called as the Venture Crew leader for scouts. I am breaking in a new CO and Operations Officer at work, while being the only instructor and training three new pilots (one of them my boss and the new Operations Officer). There is nothing like telling your boss that he is all messed up....

Sachiyo is still working with the Activity Day girls at church (8-11). She is also continuing to teach Tate at home. She does a great job and Tate is now reading well ahead of his age and will read books to himself when he is bored.

Sion and Hana are busy learning new things like how to push a chair up next to their high chair in order to climb in and demand food. They also like to have lightsaber fights with their brother and enjoy bringing their lilghtsabers up to you and hitting you in the leg with them while saying "hyah!" Cute and deadly. That's my girls.

Pictures coming...