Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First solid foods

Well, the girls ate their first solid foods Sunday. They both did very well...I only had to put each mouthful in about 20-30 times. That's good right?

Sion first....Before and After.

Sion wanted to play with the spoon and since she did so well I let her. This is the same spoon my mom fed me with.

Hana next. She did well, but enjoyed blowing bubbles in her food rather than eating it. Before and after.

She saw Sion playing with the spoon and had to try, too.

That afternoon, we went to the local park for some relaxation. It was only about 103 out, so it felt rather cool.

The end of a long day. I love this family.

4th of July

As we gathered at our friend's house to celebrate the 4th and the great blessing we have to live in this country, we thought of family and friends. We also thought of those who were away from family and friends, fighting to keep this country great and to give the same opportunities to others that so many of us take for granted. I would ask that we all try to remember the opportunities we take for granted and how we might, in the future, take those opportunities and make this world a better place.

Now for the cute kids...

Sion and Hana looking cute in their 4th of July, patriotic headbands made by their mom.

Us imposing on the Rodgerson's hospitality......again. Thanks guys.

Ted got Tate some weird shark pool gear that Tate enjoyed. He also tested it to see if it would stay on while jumping off the diving board. Tate told me that he didn't want any help today so he and his waterwings spent a few hours enjoying the pool. He only "almost" drown once, so I think things went well.

Everyone had a great time.