Sunday, June 5, 2011

Leaving Yuma for Ann Arbor

And so the journey begins...

Tate says goodbye to his classmates,

and Keri gets excited to go.

Our first real stop is in Salt Lake City for Easter with the Jones Family

Keri's first Easter egg.

Sachiyo and Keri share a moment

Sion and Hana enjoyed themselves

So did Tate

Thank you Michiru (and Makoto, too)!

Next, it was off to Idaho Falls and Menan

Ted came to play with the kids, and we met up with Ruth, Michael and Ben. Good times were had by all, though there were some tense moments when Ted became lodged in the slide. Hana talked him through....

In Menan, the Nelsons let us sleep, eat and jump off their roofs and on their trampolines.

Time to say goodbye to the Nelsons. Thank you Keith and Karie!

For some reason the kids weren't too intent on taking the whole tour around Mt. Rushmore. Maybe the 29 degree (F) temp combined with the 40 mph winds had something to do with it... Anyways, the gift shop was warm. The kids liked that, at least.

Home, sweet home. Our first home in Ann Arbor was the Motel 6, room 408. 10 days, 1 room, 6 people and 1 dog. Paradise...

Close quarters makes for some strange bedfellows...

We finally made it into our new home and Keri says. "moving is exhausting!"

After recovering from the move we started to enjoy our new surroundings.

Memorial Day parade in Dexter, MI. 90 degrees with 100% humidity! This is NOT Yuma!

Ann Arbor Hands On Children's Museum. An air conditioned escape from the humidity and fun and educational, too.