Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thank you Aunt Ruth

Sion and Hana just want to say thank you to their Aunt Ruth for the beautiful headbands that she made. We had a lot of people ask where they could buy those headbands. Sounds like Ruth has a business opportunity on her hands that she can take up in all her free time.

Girls' Blessing

The family was in town over Easter weekend in order to participate in the blessing of Sion and Hana. It was really nice to have everyone over that could make it. A few members of the family were unable to make it and they were greatly missed. There was a lot of talking, eating and passing of the babies over the weekend. Sachiyo really enjoyed the opportunity to cook, her first love, while someone else watched the kids. I am still trying to get the recipes so that I can post them here, for those who want them.

Thank you again to those who were able to make it down here. We know that it wasn't easy or cheap for any of you. We love you and look forward to seeing you all soon (at someone else's house).

Of course, like most Moench family events, the weekend was capped off by the boys going out and shooting things. Tate got his first chance to fire a real gun and did very well. He keeps asking me when we get to go out and do it again..... Grandpa he might need his Red Ryder BB gun a little early.

The Fair was in town.

We took Tate to the fair at the beginning of April. This is about as big as it gets here in Yuma. The girls stayed with a babysitter so Tate could have our full attention. We had a great time. Tate got to ride a lot of rides and eat a lot of junk. He got to have his caricature drawn and got to pet the pigs and cows and goats, etc. It was nice to just have a night for Tate after all the focus on the girls.