Friday, November 20, 2009

New Identity Theft Prevention Method

We have discovered a new way to prevent Identity Theft. Until now, we have been using a crosscut shredder, which chops things up into tiny little bits. Now we are using a two-way "chew and slobber" shredder (Patent Pending - not really). Not only is the information on the paper unrecognizable, it is also way too disgusting for any identity thief to want to touch. I feel safe, and the girls are earning their room and board. Perfect!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The last two and a half months....

OK, here we go with the last two and a half months..... Take a deep breath.

Tate is playing (?) soccer on the "Rangers." He likes it but I don't see a MLS contract in his future. Hana and Sion are still working on their "Manipulate Momma" face. They are getting pretty good.

In October, we were able to visit Grandma and Grandpa and let them be manipulated by the babies for a while.

Caroline got to change her first dirty diaper. Thanks to Hana for providing the opportunity. Caroline loved it. Don't worry we'll get you some more when we come down for Thanksgiving.

After the visit to Taft, we hit Legoland. Tate loves Legos and had a great time. I enjoyed the Iwo Jima Memorial. It was only about 8 inches high.

Sion and Hana are getting good at waking each other up from naps and rearranging the toy shelf.

Tate is going to pre-school and enjoyed their "Fall Festival." I hate political correctness.

Halloween was a good time. Tate drew the Jack O'Lantern's face and then helped me cut it out. Tate was Obi Wan Kenobee (sp?), Sion and Hana dressed appropriately for the "Trunk or Treat."

Hana and Sion in their Marine Princess dresses and everyone dressed up for College Football Saturday.

That is about all we have had time to capture on film for the last few months. Hopefully, we can keep up with the happenings a little more regularly.