Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

One Week Anniversary.

To celebrate their One Week Anniversary and in a surely futile effort to stop the tide of irate emails asking for more pictures of Sion and Hana....here you go.

I remember being told that my dad used to read Homer's Illiad and The Odyssey to me when I was a baby....Does the fact that my newborn children's first book is "Green Eggs and Ham" by Dr. Seuss say anything too telling about me?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The sisters
Big brother and Sion
Baba and Sion


OK, the twins slept through the night last night....2330 to 0700. Are we good parents or what?

*I don't expect this to last.

Our first big screw-up with the twins....more to come I'm sure.

OK, after watching the twins for a few days, filling out their birth certificates and bringing them home, we realized we had given them each other's name. Didn't take us long to mix them up. In the womb the one we had been calling Hana was the calm, laid back one and Sion was the wild child. Well, they were born out of order due to Sion ripping her placenta off the wall of mommy's uterus so I got confused. I went back to the hospital today and changed thier birth certificates so all should be good now.

That's why I think that you should be able to take them home for a few days/weeks before you decide what to name your kids. People take that much time to name their dogs and I think that kids are more important.... The nurse looked at me funny when I tried to explain this to her almost 4 years ago when they wouldn't let us take Tate home until when actually gave him a name.


To recap:

Sion was actually born first 5 lbs 12.7 oz 17.75 inches

Hana was born second: 6 lbs 9 oz 19.5 inches.

In other news, mommy and the girls are home now. I will try to get more pictures posted soon. I just have to go back and relabel all the pictures I took already.

I can't wait for the Christmas mix ups....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The girls are here!

Sion and Hana were born at 2341 and 2342 respectively on the 17th of January. Sion's placenta tore away from the uterine wall and ruptured, requiring an emergency C-section. Sion spent about 3 hours in the NICU getting her lungs suctioned but was fine. Mom and the girls are doing great. They are all adorable and I feel so lucky to have been a part of their birth, even if it was mostly as a spectator. Sachiyo was amazing, as always. I am always suprised at how much faith and strength she has. I love her very much.

The girls and mom will be in the hospital for about 48hrs. More to come.....

Sion: 2341, 17 Jan 09, 5 lbs 12.7 oz, 17.75 inches

Hana: 2342, 17 Jan 09, 6 lbs 9 oz, 19.5 inches

The girls back together after Sion returns from the NICU

Mom gets to enjoy the fruits of her labor (pun intended)

Tate gets his first shot a "big brothering"

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My dog is addicted to peanut butter....

I seriously think that Cashus is an addict. He can only go 24 hrs between hits of Jiffy. After that he starts pacing and whining and walking around in circles. If you let him go long enough, he will start chewing on his own feet. He walks back and forth between the kitchen and you. Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. Then he normally sits in the kitchen and cries. It is pitiful to see (and hear) a grown man cry...even if he is a dog.

I bet he is thinking, "Lassie made this look easy...why do I have to live with this idiot? Even Timmy could have figured this out! Just get me the peanut butter!"

Could you say no to this face? Sachiyo can't.

The Haul!

OK, I would like to start out by giving a huge "Thank You" to Lara Smith and Mikki Stuart for hosting, planning, and making cool invitations for Sachiyo's baby diaper shower (as opposed to an adult diaper shower which would have been kind of creepy). Lara also donated about five square feet of baby clothes a month ago.

Sachiyo and a bunch of friends got together on Saturday and Sachiyo came away with approx. 750 diapers and 1500 baby wipes. By my calculations (which are most likely wholly inaccurate) that should last us about two and a half weeks, give or take. Our love and thanks go out to all those who have been supporting us and keeping us in their thoughts and prayers over the last 36.4 weeks.

She is twice as big as she used to be....

She really is, I measured. She is like Sputnik!

The New Year means Tate is a Sunbeam!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu

...or Happy New Year.

2008 has come to an end...and still no twins. There goes my tax breaks. Well, it was a good year anyways. Sachiyo and I were able to look back and realize how blessed we have been this year in so many ways. I sit here while my wife is on the couch and the beginning of her 36th week of pregnancy. The twins are both growing well and Sachiyo is doing about as well as we could ask for. My job allows me more time with my family and everything seems to be falling into place for law school (now if only we could agree on where we want to go). Tate is learning and growing very quickly. He is pretty much over his shy phase and is speaking English very well (probably connected).

We have made some very good friends out here in Yuma and feel more accepted here than any other place that we have lived since we got married. People call Sachiyo and blackmail her into letting them take Tate for a few hours at at time to give her a break (Bless every one of you!!). We cannot express our gratitude enough to our family, friends and our Heavenly Father.

We feel that our Heavenly Father is watching over us so much and we hope that through the coming year we can in some way bless and enrich the lives of those around us as much as we have been blessed.

Christmas Day

Christmas was great. Tate let us sleep in until about 0830. Awesome. We went out and Tate tried to open all of the presents...he is so helpful. Thank you to everyone. Cashus was a little stressed out at first. So he destroyed one of his presents right away...pretty typical. After that he calmed down a bit and the rest of his presents have survived. Ted's box was found on the front porch in the morning. I guess Santa couldn't get through the door and we don't have a chimney.

The evening ended with some friends asking us over for dinner. We had a great time. Sean made some great lasagna (secret family recipe) and we really enjoyed the company. Thank you Rodgersons.

It was a Merry Christmas and We hope you all had the same

Christmas Eve

Well, we were able to spend Christmas Eve with friends who were nice enough to invite us over for dinner. We really enjoyed ourselves. The kids were able to act out the nativity scene. Tate was a little overwhelmed with the other kids and ended up sitting out the acting portion of the night but we were able to get him to dress up a little. It was a fun evening and everyone ate way too much junk food. A big "Thank You" to the Smiths for including us in their evening.