Sunday, March 15, 2009

This one's for Dad

Dad, they had a Skyraider at the Yuma Airshow on Saturday. Single seater, so no rides. 1 of only 15 flyable Skyraiders left in the world. Sorry you missed it.

The Big Debut

Today was the girls' first day at church. Dad, thank you for the cute dresses. Sion is in yellow and Hana in blue.

Tour of the mountain west

Well we just got back from a week long road trip. Our excuse to go was in order to tour the law schools at BYU and University of Colorado - Boulder. We did do that. We had more fun visiting family, friends and new places though. Tate was able to see some real mountains. We got chased out of Provo by a snow storm, so Tate got to see snow fall. We played in the snow in Colorado and got some pretty good sushi in Vail. We got to see some bighorn sheep up close and personal on the side of the road. We spent a night in Monument Valley, which I highly recommend and got some real Navajo fry bread and Navajo tacos (delicious). Tate and the girls did great in the car up to 8 hours in a day at some points.

I want to thank Sachiyo's mom for making the trip possible, without her help, it would have been all but impossible.