Saturday, March 5, 2011

Catching up....again

Catching up on the last few months.

Nov 2010:

Grandpa and Keri

The Phoenix Zoo

A trip on the Polar Express (

The Grand Canyon

Tate and Keri

Dec 2010:

Keri with her Grandma at Mom and Dad's 50th Anniversary party

Hana and Sion all dressed up for the party

The girls loved playing under the hotel sink


Keri got her baby blessing

and love from her aunt Sarah

Jan 2011:

Hana and Sion's Birthday cakes (brownies). 2 Years Old!

At another party with their friends

Tate is tying his shoes now, after a few years of velcro shoes.

Feb 2011:

Hana and her horse at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Sion knows she can't have dessert until she is done with her food. This can lead to some interesting attempts to be "All Done!"

Valley of the Names. North of Yuma, there is a spot where people go to write their names in the desert with rocks...not much to do around here, I know. We felt we needed to take part in the tradition before we left. A little 4-wheelin' and here we are.

Until next time